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The courses offered by the Department of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics offer you a wide range of options in the field of scientific and technical engineering professions.

Anyone who can prove a good education is prepared for the job market. The companies require a good basic education, on which the potential employees can specialize in the possible fields of application. A broad education is the best tool for the demands of the job market.

The diversity of the bachelor's degree programs offered in our department offers opportunities to optimally combine content overlaps and subject-related relationships and thus to demonstrate holistic structures that require differentiated and at the same time complexity-based basic training. After successfully completing your bachelor's degree, you also have the option to deepen your knowledge and skills in one of the Master's programs offered at our department and to pursue targeted specialization.

The almost unlimited spectrum of fields of application in the engineering professions is open to the graduates of our Bachelor and Master study programs. They are well prepared for the challenges of working life and have the opportunity to find an adequate job and position in the wide field of activity of the engineer.

The all but unlimited spectrum of fields of application within the broad discipline of engineering is open to successful Bachelor and Master students.

Our solid courses of study which combine thorough grounding in the natural sciences with practical experience in state-of-the art industrial practice are the key to professional engineering success, today and tomorrow.

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